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Handmade Jewelry

Kathryn's Hair Boutique is a Hair Salon in Colorado Springs, CO

Handmade Jewelry


The stunningly unique jewelry pieces created by Kathryn Gallagher feature authentic, pure gemstones from around the world adorned with silver and gold-filled metals. Her love for gemstones is the heart of her work, and she searches for the most beautiful stones she can find. She also uses American-mined turquoise and beautiful pearls. Combining these with precious metals creates true works of art. She uses different types of high-quality silver, such as 925 sterling, 960 precious metal clay, 999 fine silver and 14/20 gold-filled metals. The silver she uses most often is Argentium silver which is pure silver mixed with germanium. This makes it tarnish-resistant and hypoallergenic. When Kathryn uses copper, pewter or bronze for added texture, she assures that those metals are kept away from the skin to reduce any allergic reaction that some wearers may have.

Kathryn’s passion for artisan-crafted jewelry began twelve years ago after she lost all her jewelry in a break-in at her home. She immersed herself in looking at jewelry and started buying pieces at a home jewelry show. She decided to try her hand at making her own jewelry, creating something beautiful. On a trip to Santa Fe, she spent $100 at her first bead shop. Then, being inquisitive and always learning, she taught herself different techniques through books and videos. The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, touted as the largest in the world, further inspired her to take a chance and invest even more in beautiful gems for her pieces, and she was hooked! She recouped her investment within the first year by holding home shows and selling her pieces in her boutique, thus feeding her passion to create and allowing her to invest in more materials.

Kathryn’s jewelry designs are inspired by the stones and beads themselves and may be accented with small amounts of artisan glass and Swarovski crystals. She also works with metal clay with is silver mixed with a binder that burns off when it is fired. Each of these metal clay pieces is as unique as the rest of Kathryn’s jewelry. Although she creates most pieces from her own inspiration, she will occasionally be asked to “re-create” a piece someone sees in a magazine or store. What develops is not so much a re-creation as a unique piece inspired by the picture. No two pieces are alike in Kathryn’s collection. You can see examples of her jewelry below but to see what is currently available and to learn more from Kathryn (the consummate teacher), you really must stop by Kathryn’s Hair Boutique and spend some time in her gallery. As with Kathryn’s hair creations, her jewelry designs are works of art from the heart.