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Hair Coloring & Highlighting

Kathryn's Hair Boutique is a Hair Salon in Colorado Springs, CO


With her years of education, experience, artistry and attention to detail, Kathryn’s work speaks for itself. (Visit “Gallery” in Our Story.) Because she cares about her own health and the health of her clients, she uses the safest hair care products on the market.

Kathryn began 35 years ago specializing in haircuts that match the features and lifestyle of her clients. Because her passion was with creating beautiful haircuts, her coloring techniques were simpler, more traditional. Then she was awakened to bolder color, and she fell in love with marrying the haircut and color with equal passion. Color has become a beautiful expression in the overall hairstyle in a very different way than it was 35 years ago.

After working with color for 15-20 years, she developed strange physical symptoms. Working with a holistic health care professional, she learned about chemical exposure and how it had taken a toll on her body. She followed a detox regimen and began researching healthier alternatives to the products that she used in her work. Kathryn learned of a company, CHI, that created a line of safer hair care products. She took classes to learn how to use this new healthier formula, learning how to do color all over again and eventually became certified as an instructor. Until this time, Kathryn had learned about color through experience and observation. These classes taught her the technical aspects of color which she added to her own intuitive knowledge.

Hair Color & Highlighting Specialist

– Certified Master Colorist – Beyond Reds – Gray Coverage/ Blending – Master Blonding – Color Correction – Creative Unique Formulations – Extremely Personalized – Custom Coloring – Hair Coloring Chemistry – Color Educator



Hair Color & Highlighting Specialist - Kathryn's Hair Boutique

After using CHI products for five or six years, Kathryn heard of a company, ALFAPARF MILANO, the first to create hair colors without PPD (Paraphenylenediamine)1. Once again, working with new technology, Kathryn took classes to learn about how to use these new colors properly and cement all she knew about color theory. Again, she learned enough to become an educator for ALFAPARF MILANO. She loves the deep learning that comes with being able to teach and communicate her knowledge and passion. She wants her clients to know that she is still working with chemicals, but in a much different, safer way.

Kathryn is a dedicated professional that has the artistic ability and education to keep up with the trends over the last three decades. She understands the foundations of color and believes that color is necessary to a beautiful haircut. 1PPD is a chemical used for over 150 years in permanent hair colors which creates a long-lasting, natural look – the darker the color, the more PPD it contains. It is also the ingredient that causes the most allergic reactions in people, from contact dermatitis to anaphylactic shock. (Most of the severe reactions are in people using black hair color at home without doing a patch test prior to dyeing their hair.) ALFAPARF MILANO has three different color lines, two with no ammonia and no PPD and one with very little ammonia and no PPD. They have also developed a new line with no resorcinol, a petrochemical that is flammable, harmful to the environment, and has been linked to cancer, specifically bladder cancer.